Hi everyone,

I am so excited to show you another project I made as a DT at the Academy of Scrapbooking and Arts.    

Here is my project for the August Mood Board - light blue and brown colors.

As I looked at the mood board and thought about the colors ,my first instinct was to make a card with a beach scene.  but!!! When I opened the diary, I saw that this was the national "just because" day.

So, I made this card, with a cute dragon stamp, colored with light blue and brown, just like in the mood board.  As usual, I colored the dragon stamp with Copic markers.  

For more details on the products I used (stamp, numbers and combinations of Copic marker, etc) - you can find on my Facebook page.  

Since I love this card, I decided to give you another gift, here's a tutorial how to make it.

1. Cut 3 identical rectangular pages, in size:  4.25 "× 5.5", as shown in image 1. The order of the pages will be as follows: bottom- the sample page/ middle - the golden page, that will be placed above the sample page / top - the white page, that will be placed over the golden page.

2. Freely mark 2 lines on the golden page, and cut lengthwise, as shown in images 2 and 3.

3. Place the 2 golden paper cuttings on the white page and mark in pencil, all as shown in image 4. Then, remove the golden paper cuttings and you will see 2 full lines on it, marking the borders of the golden paper cuttings. Now draw 2 dotted lines on the white paper, with the same space as to the full lines. Notice the position of the dotted lines: one below the top full line, the other above the bottom full line.
Then cut the white paper according to the dotted lines - all as shown in image 5.

4. Now glue the paper cuttings: first glue the golden paper cuttings to the sample paper; then glue the white paper cuttings over the golden paper cuttings - as shown in image 6.

5. And for the last part - add an element as  decoration (in my case, a character I colored), you can add tags, stamps etc' (as in image 7). ... as well as your good imagination...

6. In principle, the card is ready.  If desired, it can be pasted onto a pop-up card, as shown in image 8. The pop-up card is 4.25 "× 11", and is folded in half.

Hope you like it.

I remind you all, that you still have a few days to participate in our August challenge, click here for all the informations.  We are waiting for you!  

Have a crafty day.



FB: Sharon Schlezinger Bayer

IG: sharonschlez