Hello friends, today I'm Luciana.
And this month I want to celebrate, because in January 2019 I won the bronze medal in the competition promoted by the Academy in the Mixed Media category.
And since then I have been part of the Committee and I have the honor of working with great artists!

I won the bronze medal with this project!

I decided to do a lift of the project I did for the contest.

And as this month's mood board is Black and White, so I redid the layout in these colors.

As I didn't have a white rose paper, I used a border to embroider with a rose pattern, so I printed and cut it out.

Then I managed to put all the same decoration elements.

And in this layout I used the black and white photo of the oldest daughter Cherry. The title I put "Bliss", because she is fighting health problems and it is a joy to have her with me!

I liked the result, I think it was a happy page, with the right volume.
I invite you to see the other projects on the blog and get inspired!
We look forward to your participation in our monthly challenge!

Thanks for your visit!!

Luciana Warnowski

Instagram: Luciana Warnowski

Youtube: Luciana Warnowski