Today to keep us company is a nice and talented Argentinian creative, she won our April challenge and, like Iris last month, she presents us a fantastic project.       Thank you very much Simon for giving us this precious work of yours.

Hello!  My name is Marina Simon and I am very happy to participate as a guest DT in this month's challenge.

In this case, the images on the Mood board of the month, especially the flowers and their yellow color, a symbol of joy, energy and optimism, inspired me to carry out the project.  

For my work I made a base with imitation of different types of metals and oxides that I painted with acrylic paints,  on it I placed a plaster frame and different elements to which first I gave a white gesso base.

Then I was painting with  different media, spray inks, acrylics and metallic watercolors.

I hope you like it and that it inspires you to create!

Marina Simon

Instagram: smnmarina

Facebook: Marina Smn