Hello scrappers,
I am so happy and honored to have been invited to share one of my projects with you, beloved readers of the Academy Scrap Art blog!
November has arrived, and even if in the beautiful mediterranean island I live in  - Sardinia - sun is still shining, we can feel the autumnal atmosphere... it is a dreamlike atmosphere!
Talking about dreams I'd like to show you today my last minialbum called "The dream of the Mermaid". Who knows me, knows that I definitely love Mermaids: my personal blog is called "La Sirena sul Sofà" that means "The Mermaid on the Sofa" because I often create my Scrapbooking projects sitting on my sofa!

This album collects some of my favourite photos taken in different places during my trips all over the world (Canada, USA, South Africa, Norway, Iceland... and Sardinia too!). Even if the pictures have been taken in different places they have a lot in common: each photo depicts a lighthouse, or details of boats, cliffs, ropes and something dealing with mermaids.

The structure of the album is a typical Accordion Structure. The cover is made up of very thin cardstock (1 mm) I recovered from a drawing book. I covered the cardstock with a green Bazzill and decorated it with scrapbooking paper, fabric, an embroidery hoop, a small Black and White picture, some silver embellishments and a small bottle full of silver sequins.

The inner pages are totally different one from another: I like mixing different media and I often use fabric, vellum, wooden details. In the same way I love repeating some elements in every page as a thread: in this case I used in every page frames and acrylic embellishments by Florilegès Design, black and white photos, black and white twine, green fabric fiber, stamps by Florilegès Design and 4EnScrap, punches and dies. The base of the last page is made of a very beautiful acetate made in Poland by [email protected] I loved the effect in the verso page, in particular I love the white behind the pictures: I think it emphasizes the flowers stamp.

When I scrapbook I usually begin looking at the pictures and I try to tell a story. The dream of the Mermaid tells about far places, about freedom, sea water, wind, lighthouses, windows, anchors, sailors, stars... and dreams!
I hope you enjoyed it, it was a pleasure to share my dream with you.

IG: lasirenasulsofa