Official Rules




The championship is a competition based on the ability to create projects using the art of scrapbooking. Contestants are divided into two Divisions and will compete in one or more technical categories. The projects they make will be judged during several qualifying stages at a local level before the World Finals, wich will declare the World Champion of each Division.

Selections stages consist in sharing the projects on the website of the Academy and in voting for said projects online.

People who pass the qualifying stages will be invited to location (TBD) of the World Finals to compete before a technical jury of experts. The Academy reserves the right to hold the World Finals online should the total number of participants be lower than 4,000 people.

This rules may be subject to changes. Any update of the Regulation will be published on the official website of the Academy and be sent via e-mail to the entrants of the Championship.

News: each competitor can create a new project or participate with one they have already made and published.
Exclusive is not required.
The new deadline to upload the projects is December 30th.

Short Version

Eligibility of contestants


The Championship consists in two categories for contestants: Pro Division and Hobbyist Division

Pro Division requirements

In order to enter the Scrapbooking World Championship in the Pro Division a contestant must have a professional approach to Scrapbooking and satisfy the following conditions.

They must either:

Have been working as an employee or an independent contractor (i.e. designer, creative, salespeople, owner), full time or part time, for a minimum of 2 years for a:

A) Company operating in this field

B) Shop operating in this field

Or satisfy at least two of the following conditions. They must:

A) Have been part of the designer team of a shop or firm, on an international level, for a minimum of 2 years

B) Have been owning and/or managing a constantly updated personal blog/website/social networking profile specialized in this field for a minimum of 2 years

C) Have been publishing articles and projects for books and magazines of this field (either online or in print) for a minimum of 2 years

Should a contestant that doesn’t fall within said categories believe to have a professional preparation they can communicate their working experiences to the Academy. The Academy will examine the request and state whether the competitor is eligible or not.

Participants claim their requirements under their own responsibility by means of the application form.

The Academy reserves the right to verify requirements at any moment and to request documents supporting what has been claimed in the applications. Shouldn’t the organization find confirmations to the requirements, the participant may be disqualified without entitlement to a reimbursement of the registration fee or relegated to the Hobbyist Division

The organization may, at its sole discretion, accept contestants with different requirements as competitors in the Pro Division, should they be judged fitting to the event (i.e. internationally renowned artists, etc.).

The organization may decide to grant Wild Cards to people believed to be particularly talented, even if they do not satisfy the aforementioned requirements.

Hobbyist Division requirements

This Division is reserved for all those amateurs who practice scrapbooking as a hobby or an activity which hasn’t yet become a professional occupation.

Anyone who doesn’t meet the requirements for the Pro Division is eligible to compete in this Division.

Age of contestants and other restrictions

Participants to the Championship must be of age, defined as persons over the age of 18 years (unless the relevant laws of the country of residence recognize a different age of majority).


Stages of the Championship

Technical Categories for projects

Prizes and Rewards