Store Benefits

The benefits of becoming an Official Store

You can get a lot of benefits if you join in the Scrapbooking World Championship as an Official Store

Why Join?


Enjoy the benefits

Commission and bonus

Your Store will be able to earn even more money and benefits based on the number of affiliates.

for clients

30% discount to all the competitors who join your store

store profile

A section dedicated to your store to let you know and present your business

official store certificate

A diploma certifying your qualification as an Official Store


Communication kit with different digital and physical supports to promise your Offical Store

prizes and awards

Additional prizes and awards are planned based on the placings of their affiliates and for the stores with the highest number of affiliates (store contest).

"A" store program

Accessing higher levels allows you to organize more and more important official events of the Academy


You will receive a manual with all the suggestions to make the most of your official sotre status and grow business opportunities

free participant subscription for you

With a minimum of 20 affiliates you will have the right to a free participant subscription to use as you prefer

Enjoy the benefits

Commission and bonus

for clients

Store Profile

Official Store Certificate


Prizes and Awards

"A" Store Program


Free Participant Subscription for You

Official Store Rules 

pdf version

PDF Download

Official Store Rules 

pdf version

PDF Download